Some Frequently Asked Questions.

A little part of our income may not make big difference for us but it would definitely change lives of those who're in desperate need. There are millions of people who can't even get their basic needs in their life, with this tool we aim to encourage people to giveaway what they can.
We rely on variety of official data mostly released by governments or government agencies for this calculator. Many governments release such data every year about income, income inequality, median income etc. Here are some official sources we used. (1) Canada - Statistics Canada (2) USA - US Census Bureau (3) UK - HM Revenue and Customs (4) Australia - Australian Bureau of Statistics. We also use data released by OECD, Worldbank and other agencies.
Because we don't have any accurate data. If you have any such official data, please feel free to contact us to include your country.
There are some chances of discrepancies depending on data we have but if you think if you found something, please contact us so we can correct it.
The primary purpose of the tool is to just increase awareness about several charities and development organizations we respect. We don't collect or share any information submitted by you in any way for using this tool.
We don't accept any donation on this site but if you want to donate, please consider one or more of the donation sites we mentioned on homepage of this site. They're internationally recognized non-profit organizations to help fighting poverty and hunger.